Price Adder



The purpose of this simple app is to help shoppers calculate the total cost of products in their basket. Users just point the camera at a price tag on the shelf, click, and the program adds the product's name and description to the list, while at the same time adding the price to the total.

I got the idea to make this app when trying to avail of "spend 50 euro and save 10 euro" offer when grocery shopping. This offer is most beneficial when you spend exactly 50. But if you miscalculate, you can't make use of it at all. Sometimes I even used a calculator app, which wasn't suitable for this at all.



explanation of the interface


Currently the app's ability to extract name and price from a price tag is sub-optimal. This is partially due to the fact the app uses an offline version of ML Kit Vision, which offers average OCR accuracy. The other problem is price tags can be very different and contain all kinds of additional text. However, I am very happy with how the user interface turned out and, barring OCR limitations, I think it offers excellent UX.